Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Emily Wong

Article pulled from the Future Content Corporation Citadel Extranet Site, March 6, 2181, no byline, with a note of thanks for additional reporting from Mass Effect Wiki.

Emily Wong, noted journalist and newly-minted hero of the Systems Alliance, is presumed dead today after apparently giving her life to aid the Alliance forces resisting the as-yet mysterious invaders attacking Earth.

Wong’s story was followed breathlessly by humans and other sentients in the Citadel and across the galaxy after downed com buoys in the Sol system left her – through the use of a quantum entanglement communicator – the sole source of information about the attack. Aided by other survivors and Alliance military personnel, Wong kept broadcasting throughout the day, even while taking an active part in the fight to defend Earth by attempting search-and-rescue operations, scouting the invaders’ strongholds, and taking up arms alongside Alliance soldiers.

Wong’s broadcast, dubbed the Sol Communications and abbreviated #solcomms on the extranet, not only provided critical information about events unfolding on Earth, but also shone a light onto the character of an extraordinary human. Wong first rose to prominence on the Citadel after publishing evidence of an extensive crime ring operating out of the notorious Chora’s Den bar, a high-profile story that eventually resulted in her becoming the anchor of a regular news show for the Future Content Corporation. Wong later left the Citadel to take a position as a senior investigative reporter at the Alliance News Network.

The decision to pursue a difficult, dangerous investigative role over a prestigious anchor job was typical of Wong. Beloved by audiences for her friendly demeanor and undeniable charisma, it was Wong’s remarkable blend of courage, compassion and integrity that won the respect of her peers. Never afraid to pursue big, dangerous stories, Wong also never hesitated to bring less dramatic issues to light. Although her Chora’s Den story achieved higher ratings, Wong’s painstaking report on working conditions for Citadel traffic controllers had a more lasting impact, resulting in new regulations and measurably fewer accidents for ships docking at the Citadel. Wong’s focus was always on the work and on the world around her rather than on showmanship or her own career.

No amount of praise can memorialize Wong as well as the Sol Communications themselves. This reporter would argue that no other working journalist could have produced the broadcast. Wong was someone willing to ram an enemy warship at need, but also someone willing to help a companion find his family, all without ever compromising her duty as a journalist. She had the compassion to want to change the world, the courage and ability to do so, and the charisma to spread a message of hope even in the face of almost certain death.

Future Content Corporation offers its fondest remembrances and deepest sympathies to Wong’s loved ones, including her parents mentioned in the Sol Communications. In a time of great confusion and tragedy after the attack on Earth, Wong’s heroism is an example to every human being and to every sentient in the galaxy.

You can view the Sol Communications in their entirety on the Alliance News Network Extranet feed here or learn more about the attack on Earth here.

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  1. So I'm horribly late with all the comments for this blog. But I only recently actually got (temporary) internet at home so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    I love this article. I love the fact that it actually reads as one perfectly without any sense of hesitation that would've pulled you out of the world.

    She was brilliantly used. I would have loved them to have taken that even further and mentioned her in the game... but then they probably came up with the marketing long after.