Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vampire Music

There's a certain set of songs that have become a part of how I visualize and understand the world of my Vampire game. Having gotten to know the players a little, I started thinking of themes for them. I came up with the below list and then, like you do, found the tracks on youtube and sent my players the playlist, and I thought I'd share that here as well.

Quick liner notes:
  1. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Cal + Viv's theme)
  2. Can You See The Light - Butterfly Boucher (Beckett's Theme, disregard weird AMV)
  3. Little Mouth - Sleater-Kinney (Little's Theme) (Seriously, that's the name of the song)
  4. Adventure - Be Your Own Pet (Brain's Theme)
  5. Rock 'N' Roll - The Sounds (Viv's Theme)
  6. Date With the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Cal's Theme)
  7. Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong, But... - Arctic Monkeys (Credits Theme)
I'm not by nature a very musical person, but with the help of Pandora I've started using music to help me feel and conceptualize the world of a game. Pandora has some very sharp limitations - any playlist eventually settles into a rut and you hear your own personal top 40 playing over and over again, for one thing - but I love it as a tool for discovering new songs and artists.

For instance, I'd heard this song by Butterfly Boucher years ago, and when something reminded me of it I made a Pandora station off of it. That led me to this band called Magneta Lane, who are a fair amount louder and fiercer than Butterfly Boucher. Magneta Lane had exactly the sort of feel I wanted for the mythical Vampire: the Requiem game that was always in my head: rocking but emotional, loud but melodic. So I built a whole Pandora station off of them and honed it over the course of about six months. It provided me with most of the tracks above. Check it out.

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