Monday, April 9, 2012

Sol Bulletin #13

The following is excerpted from issue #13 of the Sol Bulletin, an ad hoc news sheet distributed electronically among survivors of the Battle of Earth in the chaotic period following the firing of the Crucible. Issue #13 was released fifteen days after the Crucible fired. 

Renewed Focus on Disposal of Reaper Remains
Today saw frantic activity in near-Sol space, where the majority of ship-to-ship combat between the Reaper forces and the fleets comprising Operation Sword took place during the Battle of Earth. Following the discovery of at least one Indoctrinated person in the Arcturus Flotilla, disposing of Reaper wreckage has become the first priority for the fleets inhabiting the Sol system.

"The truth is there's a lot we don't know about Indoctrination. It is possible that even a dead Reaper can Indoctrinate," said Garrus Vakarian. Vakarian was formerly in charge of organizing Citadel search-and-rescue, an effort that was hastily abandoned after concern arose that rescue workers might be affected by Reaper tech on the station. Now, Vakarian has been put in charge of an ad hoc task force that is gathering and destroying Reaper wreckage in near-Earth orbit.

"It's pretty simple, really. We send out remotely controlled drones that latch onto Reaper fragments and accelerate them onto a trajectory that will take them onto Sol. Time consuming and dangerous, given what we're dealing with, but easy enough in principle."

Vakarian acknowledged that the problem of Reaper remains in space pales in comparison with the issue of wreckage on Earth. "We still aren't sure how to tackle that one. As far as we can tell every Reaper in Sol pretty much fell to pieces when the Crucible fired. The decision was made over my pay grade to at least deal with the easier part of the equation first, while we formulate a plan. The best advice I can give everyone on Earth is, stay away from Reaper tech."

Major Kaidan Alenko, commander of the Arcturus Flotilla, made a brief public broadcast from the command and control center onboard the SSV Normandy today, the first time any ships from the Flotilla have communicated on a public channel. He assured the sentients of Sol that no signs of Indoctrination have been found anywhere on the Flotilla and he's confident that all Flotilla ships will rejoin their respective fleets shortly. He praised the excellent work of every ship under his command, and expressed his deep admiration and regret for the crews of Joyous and Manila, the two ships destroyed by an Indoctrinated agent in the Arcturus system.

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