Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sol Bulletin #21

The following is excerpted from issue #21 of the Sol Bulletin, an ad hoc news sheet distributed electronically among survivors of the Battle of Earth in the chaotic period following the firing of the Crucible. Issue #21 was released twenty three days after the Crucible fired.

Asari Biotic Attacks Human Rioters, Kills Over 40
Tension between humans and aliens on Earth exploded today as a crowd suddenly turned against a Geth/Quarian relief team in the city of Los Angeles. A team of Geth and Quarian engineers were working together to repair a damaged ground vehicle overpass, and a large crowd formed. What sparked the initial violence is unclear, but eyewitnesses report that a segment of the crowd suddenly rushed the team of Quarian marines providing security.

The Quarians discharged electrical weapons, which they had been issued by the Quarian fleet to use as non-lethal ordinance. However, these weapons, while relatively safe when used on suited Quarians, proved unexpectedly dangerous against unarmored humans. Thy halted initial the charge, but seriously injured several people and provoked the rest of the crowd, which advanced on the marines and started throwing stones and rubble. Disorder spread out from the worksite as well, as rioters began looting the damaged businesses and homes in the area.

Aircraft from the UNAS military scrambled to evacuate the engineers. Their arrival on the scene triggered another charge from the crowd; eyewitnesses say people in the crowd thought the aircraft were Quarian gunships. The Quarians discharged their electrical weapons again, but this time the crowd closed with them and started fighting hand-to-hand.

At this point events took an unexpected turn. Reportedly, an Asari biotic appeared on the scene and came to the aid of the Quarian marines. She biotically pulled several rioters out of the melee with the marines and sent several shockwaves into the crowd, allowing the marines to retreat to the evac ships. However, the Asari did not retreat; instead, she continued to advance into the crowd, creating shockwaves and setting off several biotic explosions. When rioters started to flee, she fired on them with an assault rifle.

Authorities are reporting 44 dead humans at the scene, all killed with either biotics or rifle fire. Two more humans died in hospital, both from electrical burns from the Quarians' weapons. Meanwhile, the Quarian marines sustained several serious injuries. Two were killed using improvised weapons before the marines were able to retreat.

Admiral Tali'Zorah, who represents the Migrant Fleet on the Inter-species Summit, deplored the violence and expressed her deep regret for "the terrible loss of life on what was supposed to be a mission of peace." However, Admiral Han'Gerrel took the unprecedented step of issuing his own statement, saying that "these thugs deserved what they got, and anyone who harms a Quarian anywhere in Sol will get the same." President Lisa Ford of the UNAS protested Gerrel's remarks, calling the Asari biotic "bad as a Reaper," and refusing to "apologize for the actions of UNAS citizens against aliens who show such a callous regard for human life."

Matriarch Lidanya of the Asari Fleet issued a brief statement in response to queries about the Asari biotic. "The Asari in question was a justicar acting in accordance with her religious beliefs. We will take responsibility for making sure that this tragic incident is not repeated."

Asari justicars are a small religious order with law enforcement powers inside Asari space. They enjoy a remarkable degree of authority and independence within their usual jurisdictions. Matriarch Lidanya made no comment on the justicar's current whereabouts or how exactly she came to Earth.

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