Friday, June 22, 2012

Galaxy Bulletin, 1.14.2187

The Sol Bulletin was originally intended as a temporary way for the survivors of the Battle of Earth to stay informed in the chaos following the firing of the Crucible. As time passed and more and more media outlets began running again - for instance, the Alliance News Network, which was back to running constant coverage less than two weeks after the Crucible fired - the editors and reporters of the Sol Bulletin considered closing up shop. 

However, the Sol Bulletin's independent reporting and willingness to keep publishing even under pressure from  the Alliance - for instance, after Khalisah al-Jilani was arrested, or after their London offices were raided following a rebroadcast of Persephone footage - had won them a loyal readership and an unexpected prominence in the nascent new galactic society. In the end, the publication continued to operate.

However, the name "Sol Bulletin," it was decided, had become a misnomer, as the majority of the Bulletin's reporting now took place outside the Sol system. The Bulletin was rebranded as the Galaxy Bulletin. The rebranding effort included a new numbering scheme based off of Earth standard dates.

The 1.14.2187 issue of the Galaxy Bulletin was published approximately six months after the Crucible fired.

Alliance Parliament Will Convene Without Earth Delegates

Alliance High Command and diplomats from various Earth-based governments announced today that the latest round of talks over elections for the Alliance Parliament have failed to resolve disagreements over the role of Earth-based governments. "The 'Earth First' proposal President Ford brought to the table is a violation of the Systems Alliance Charter. It's not acceptable to us," said Major Kaidan Alenko, head of the Alliance delegation to the negotiations. "National governments haven't had the power to directly assign their parliamentary delegations for decades. And the idea that certain parliamentary privileges would apply to Earth-based representatives is frankly ridiculous."

President Lisa Ford of the UNAS was equally dismissive in her statement. "The Alliance couldn't protect Earth during the Reaper War. They failed us. Now they want to go back to the same old system with the same people in charge. It's not acceptable. The people of Earth deserve better."

Major Alenko said colony and spacer elections will go forward and the Parliament will convene next month as planned, and operate to the best of its ability until arrangements for elections on Earth can be agreed upon. President Ford responded that Earth would recognize no Parliament without Earth-based delegates. 

Despite the apparent impasse, both Alenko and Ford emphasized that this was a temporary arrangement and negotiations would continue. Some analysts consider the end of these latest talks as de facto secession of Earth from the Alliance, however. After Ford and Alenko's statements, the Salarian Union announced that it would be opening separate diplomatic relationships with several Earth-based nations.

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