Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sol Bulletin #26

The following is excerpted from issue #26 of the Sol Bulletin, an ad hoc news sheet distributed electronically among survivors of the Battle of Earth in the chaotic period following the firing of the Crucible. Issue #26 was released twenty eight days after the Crucible fired.

Second Persephone Broadcast Addresses Alleged Conspiracy, Shadow Broker

Today what seems to be a second Persephone broadcast went out on a widely-used civilian channel. It featured the same electronically disguised voice as the first broadcast, but originated not from Earth, but from within the Alliance fleet - seemingly from Commander Shepard's old ship, the SSV Normandy. A transcript of the broadcast is presented below:

"This is Persephone. To be precise, this is another member of the organization called Persephone. Kasumi Goto made our first broadcast in an effort to protect our member Miranda Lawson. Since her broadcast was clearly insufficient for that purpose, we intend to release more information in this second broadcast. If a third broadcast is necessary, still more information will be released.

"Ms. Lawson and Ms. Goto, as well as Khalisah al-Jilani, were arrested as part of a conspiracy between certain Alliance personnel, various individuals associated in one way or another with Jenna Shepard, and the infamous information broker known as the Shadow Broker. This conspiracy aims to conceal the current whereabouts of Commander Shepard, who survived the Battle of Earth and is presently recovering from the trauma of the war. Proof of this will be released to the Sol Bulletin publication for independent verification.

"I will now address the members of this conspiracy directly. We know you you are. We know Commander Shepard's current location. We even understand your motivations.  We believe that you have made a serious mistake, and we ask you to reconsider your course. We ask you to reconsider if this is really what Commander Shepard would want. However, we will take no further action against you if Ms. Lawson, Ms. Goto and Ms. al-Jilani are released.

"If they are not released, our next broadcast will begin revealing your identities. If our remaining members are targeted, the remainder of the Citadel security footage that was leaked when Ms. Goto was arrested will be released.

"The Shadow Broker, in particular, should be aware that we will not hesitate to unmask her.

"Shepard is the one person, more than anyone else, who brought the galaxy together against the Reapers. She is a unifier, and a symbol of unity. The conflict that your decision to hide her has created must end. We are not your enemies. I am not your enemy."

The Sol Bulletin can reveal that we have received additional information that seems to bear out Persephone's claims in this second broadcast. We will release it publicly as soon as it can be verified.

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