Monday, June 25, 2012

Galaxy Bulletin, 3.17.2201

As the fleets that fought the Battle of Earth spread out further and further into the galaxy, the Sol Bulletin was rebranded as the Galaxy Bulletin to reflect the new breadth of its coverage.

The 3.17.2201 issue of the Galaxy Bulletin was published approximately fifteen years after the Crucible fired. It has been selected to close out this archive of Bulletin stories relevant to the end of the Reaper War not due to its significance on the galactic political stage or the intrigues of the Persephone Affair, but because it marks an important transition in the life of the woman who, sometimes unwillingly, found herself at the center of the galaxy's attempt to right itself at the close of the war. It is by no means the end of Shepard's story; but it is, perhaps, an end.
Thessia Commando School Opens Doors; Faculty Headed By Human War Hero

The Thessia Commando School, the first of the new military academies called for by the comprehensive military reform bill passed last year by a referendum of the Asari Republics, opens its doors today. Matriarch Aethyta, one of the bill's sponsors, issued a characteristically terse statement to mark the occasion. "This is just a beginning, but if we get enough of our girls in schools like these instead of wandering around joining merc bands maybe won't let the galaxy down quite so bad the next time they need us."

The academy will eventually offer courses in all fields of modern military theory and practice, including a full naval warfare program. For the first several years, however, it will focus solely on ground warfare, including such diverse fields as basic infantry tactics, biotic combat techniques and mech deployment and maintenance.

As required by the reform bill, the school will have a diverse faculty of experienced professionals from all across the galaxy. To head the faculty of this pilot school, Matriarch Aethyta has secured the legendary human war hero, retired Admiral Jenna Shepard, until recently of the Systems Alliance Navy.

"I'm greatly honored to be taking on a leadership role at the first Commando School," Shepard told the Galaxy Bulletin. "It's a good program and an overdue first step towards Asari military reform. I'm looking forward to coming to Thessia. My wife grew up there, and she's always wanted to return home." Dr. Liara T'Soni, Admiral Shepard's bondmate, will also serve part-time on the school's faculty, teaching intelligence analysis.

"This feels like a good next step," Shepard said. "After so many years trying to keep the galaxy spinning, preparing the next generation to continue the job is exactly what I want to be doing."

This has been a curated archive of the Sol Bulletin and Galaxy Bulletin. Thank you for reading.


  1. Well done! This has been great to follow. :) I'm also curious to see how the extended deadening is going to play out. *sighs* What a mess.

    Keep writing! I need something to stalk :-P

    1. Very kind! Thanks for reading along!