Friday, June 1, 2012

Sol Bulletin adjacent: "The Paragon Conspiracy" twitter essay

The plotline of unruly Earth governments undermining the wider community reflects a pet theory of mine about the ME universe, by the way.

Namely, that the Alliance essentially seized power after the First Contact War, radically de-democratizing humanity's transition into space.

Think about it: the Alliance is like if NATO held parliamentary elections and announced they'd handle foreign policy for member nations.

Yes, there's a parliament, and elections matter, but (as we experience today), in large federations each vote matters less.

Money & influence matter more. So the people with those things jumped on the Alliance's popularity after Shanxi to lock out nat'l govs.

With the best of intentions! They ushered in a golden age. But they left Joe & Jane Public behind. Now, Joe & Jane are catching up.

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