Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sol Bulletin #25

The following is excerpted from issue #25 of the Sol Bulletin, an ad hoc news sheet distributed electronically among survivors of the Battle of Earth in the chaotic period following the firing of the Crucible. Issue #25 was released twenty seven days after the Crucible fired. 

Indoctrinated Individuals Found Near Reaper Remains, Evacuated to Luna

In the first confirmed case of Reaper indoctrination since an indoctrinated Asari destroyed two ships in the Arcturus Flotilla, two inhabitants of Mogadishu in United East Africa were taken into custody yesterday. The couple attacked their neighbors after reportedly living near a destroyed Reaper for some time.

The Sol Bulletin spoke to Ayana Dalmar, a resident of the same apartment building as the alleged assailants. "I heard yelling, not words, just noise - like a moan. They came out of their apartment. There were a few of us in the hallway - they'd been distributing food in the city center, and we all came home together - and they just came at us, moaning like that. They were refugees, the woman had told me about how they were living beside a Reaper wreck before the police made them leave, so we guessed what was happening right away." Dalmar and the other building residents took shelter in an apartment until local police arrived.

"They talked some," Dalmar said. "Not like the husks from when the Reapers were around. They just rambled, though - about the Reapers were gods and how everyone was going to die. I was around some people during the war who I think were getting indoctrinated. It's pretty much the way they sounded."

A statement from the United East African National Police confirmed that the couple - whose names have not been released - are believed to be indoctrinated. "They will be transferred into Alliance custody. The Alliance assures us they can be treated," said a spokesman.

"Scientists from the Crucible project have been working on the idea of treatment for the indoctrinated since before the Battle of Earth," said an Alliance spokesman in a separate statement. "We can't guarantee success. But we have some ideas for how to go about treatment."

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