Sunday, June 24, 2012

Galaxy Bulletin, 5.29.2187

As the fleets that fought the Battled of Earth spread out further and further into the galaxy, the Sol Bulletin was rebranded as the Galaxy Bulletin to reflect the new breadth of its coverage.

The 5.29.2187 issue of the Galaxy Bulletin was published approximately one year after the Crucible fired.

Palaven Named As Seat of New Council
Today the Interspecies Council announced its new permanent seat: the Turian homeworld of Palaven. “The old Council always looked to the Turian Hierarchy for protection,” said Dalatrass Narra, acting Salarian Councilor. “During the Reaper War they reminded the entire galaxy why. Between Turian strength and Turian honor, Palaven is undoubtedly the safest place in the galaxy for the new Council to meet.”

The announcement was cause for celebration on Palaven, one of several planets that have been lobbying to serve as home for the new Council. The final decision was made in a closed-door session, but the choice of a Turian planet over an Asari world – other strong possibilities included Thessia as well as several other Asari colonies – seems to be another sign of the Asari's decreased power on the new Council. Despite the devastation of Thessia and a number of other worlds, the Asari remain one of the wealthiest and most advanced species in the galaxy, but the Turians have emerged from the Reaper War as seemingly the most influential. Their active role in the war forged strong bonds with the Systems Alliance, Krogan Clans, and United Rannoch Peoples that are now paying off politically.

The Council will relocate from its temporary seat on the Alliance colony of Terra Nova within the next year. While all Council seats to date have officially been temporary, several Council members announced today that they will become their nations' permanent representatives. Urdnot Bakara will be the permanent Councilor for the Krogan Clans, and Admiral Shala’Raan vas Tonbay will represent the United Rannoch Peoples.

General Jenna Shepard of the Systems Alliance confirmed that she will be stepping down from the Council before the move to Palaven. Shepard’s ongoing health concerns have caused many to predict that her Council tenure would be brief. Her departure may pose a diplomatic conundrum for the Council: Shepard stepped into the role as part of a compromise between the Systems Alliance and the newly-formed United Nations of Earth. The UNE has suggested in the past that it will apply for separate membership in the Council after Shepard’s tenure, an almost entirely unprecedented event in Council history.

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